Marriot Resort And Spa

Weligama bay Marriott Resort and Spa

As I mentioned before in my promotions introduction from time to time I will be promoting Sri Lankan business and people. So as my first promotion I would like to mention one of my favorite hotels in Sri Lanka. Here is a small introduction about that amazing hotel.

So recently during my weekend I was able to try out a whole new hotel situated in the southern province of Sri Lanka. It was my first time visiting the hotel and I was so excited. I arrived there on Friday night and the welcome was so good. I loved the way they welcome the guests, starting from the entrance to the lobby there are so many people to warmly welcome you to the hotel.


So before I came to the hotel I checked the images of hotel through their website and trust me the rooms lived up to my expectations. They were so clean and looked so comfy. I was so impressed with their interior designs as well. The room had a pleasant feeling as well. The view from the room was stunning, I loved how the rooms have faced the sea and in the morning it’s the best feeling ever.


So now let’s talk about the food, which is my favorite topic to talk about. The most impressive thing about this hotel is the food of course. The way they had different cuisines around the place was super awesome. You will always have so many choose from, which I did and I tried every single thing they had, because why not? The food was on point and it was amazing. Trust me when I say this, the food is one of the best things about this hotel. They have done a great job in that area for sure.

If I had to give a overall score to this amazing hotel, I would give it a total of 5 stars, because from the day one onwards I loved this place. The staff, food, accommodation, scenery everything was perfect. Will always recommend this place to anyone who visits the souther province. Because this place is literally a heaven on earth.