5 Tips To Stay Happy

1. Keep your circle small

So you might be wondering why this is in the top of the list. Well it is there because this is  one of the factors where your life could change in a big way. Imaging having so many friends, how would your life be? Just think for a second. First of all there would be too much drama of course, which is one of the most hardest things to deal with. Also since there are too many people in your life you are probably going to loose track of all the birthdays, where they live, their important life moments which will surely create problems between your friends. You don’t want that to happen, do you? And also there comes trust issues as well, nowadays you can’t trust anyone at all. So the best thing is to have a small circle of friends, like a few where you can trust them for almost anything, I know it’s hard to find people like that but sometimes you can keep your trust on someone you knew for a long time rather than keeping the trust on someone you barely know. So that’s my number one tip.

2. Forget about criticisms

Let me ask you one question, are you a person who is controlled by the society or not? Is that question confusing for you? Let me make it more simpler, if you got the chance to do something that you have never done before (something legal lol) will you hesitate because you will get judged by the society or will you just do it anyways? Most of the people (specially in asian countries) tend to be controlled by the society. This because of the cultural issues within the country but trust me it has created more problems than any goodness in the society. I’m not saying that the culture is something so bad, having a culture in a country is so beautiful (ever been to Japan?) but what I’m saying is no one should be a extremist on anything. People should have the freedom to do anything they want. That’s my advice for you as well, keep doing what you love. Doesn’t matter what others think or doesn’t matter if they criticizes you, just keep on going. This is your life and you deserve to be happy. Because at the end of the day your happiness matters more than anything in this world.

3. Have good relationships

Relationships? the most complicated topic in our generation. It’s not anyones fault but ours only, for making such a beautiful thing a complication. We are more attached to small talk and online communication which will always drive close people apart. True that technology has made communication much more easier (even this blog is being published using technology) but my point is that “Human Interaction” is the best way to show your expressions. It’s the way to improve your relationships with everyone. Imagine this, talking with your best friend or your partner during a late night hour while watching the stars, what would you feel? It’s like one of the best feelings ever right? That’s my point, have healthy, exciting and good relationships with everyone in your life. Because even a single smile from someone you love could change your day. Forgive quickly and Love dearly.

4. Read a book or Do something you love

Well I thought of suggesting you to read a book because it’s one of the best feelings you can ever have. It’s like connecting with one of your old friends, there’s so much to learn from them. It’s like seeing the world through a different eye. But if you are not into books you can do something you really love. Maybe photography, traveling, trying out new foods (but stay healthy), going for a walk whatever that makes you happy do it. And make it one of your hobbies where you can do that on daily basis. Having something to look forward will always make sure that you will survive for the next day. Have a simple task you love to do for the next day, so you can always be excited for something that is yet to come.

5. Have a goodnight sleep

Last but not least always make sure you are having a really good sleep for yourself. No matter how much busy you are or whatever the work you have to do make sure you take care of yourself. Having a really good sleep at night will always help you have great start in the next day. You don’t want to be sleepy and have a zombie look on your face when you are about to start a new day, you want it to be perfect as much as possible. So to get to that you need to have a at least 6 hours of sleep each night. And that’s a must.

So we have talked about some simple tips to improve your lifestyle, even though you might not be able to follow all of them at least give it a try. It will surely change your life. See you in the next post. Stay Happy.