Let Go

It’s been a few days since my last post here and I thought maybe (without wasting another day) we should talk about something important. This is going to be a short article but let’s talk about how to LET GO. Why are we talking about this? Because, WHY NOT?

It’s something that we all hesitate to do. We are not ready to let go of something we love or someone we love just because that person or thing has come to the end of the timeline in our lives. We will never be ready to accept the fact that they are done with us, and we never want to accept that fact either even though it’s the hard truth. But it is the truth, they are not coming back, these things or people who left us well, they are not in our lives anymore, and if they aren’t there then why are we wasting our time on something that’s already long gone, why are we putting ourselves in a position where sometimes we even hate ourselves for stuff we didn’t even do.

It is okay to give yourself the priority. These things left our lives because they are done been in our lives. Some things are going to just cross our lives once in the life time. Sometimes they will leave us the most amazing memories but sometimes they will teach us important life lessons. But however always learn to let go and accept the reality. The more we stack unwanted stuff in our heads the more we are going to stress out, and that’s not good for us or you, also we don’t deserve that. So just simply let go and free yourself from bad vibes. Because at the end of the day as I always mention your happiness is the most important thing, nothing else. So stay happy no matter what you have to face. Cheers.