Be Yourself

So recently I saw this video done by Joey Kidney (HUGE FAN OF HIS WORK) on famous influencers like Connor Franta, Conan Gray and some other influencers who are really doing great in Instagram and Youtube. The one thing he talked about was how people get judged for who they are, for what they do and for what they stand for, and how scared people get for standing up for what they really believe in. It doesn’t matter what you are. Just be yourself. This world is a beautiful place because of how people are different from each other. If this world was full of the same kind of people, would it be interesting? No.

Do whatever you want. Do what you like. Do something different. Stand for what you believe in, that’s when the magic happens. People may continue to judge you no matter what, that’s not going to stop anytime soon. But keep your head up and continue on being yourself. You were born to this world to make a change, and be that change. Show others what you are. Maybe there are hundreds of people to judge you and criticize you but there are millions who will support you through out your journey. So be strong, and as Joey always says “Stay You”.