5 Reasons To Start Blogging

So I’ve been doing this blogging thing for like few months now and most of the time friends of mine will ask me this one particular question every time, “Why do you keep blogging? What do you get from that?” So I thought of answering this question and write a blog post about it where everyone will be able to read about “the reasons to blog”, I will be talking about 5 reasons why I keep on doing this. Maybe this will inspire you to start one as well. Trust me this is so fun and it’s a whole new experience.

1. You will be a writer and a thinker at the same time

Blogging is all about writing. Even though you are not good at it, you can be better in writing by blogging. You keep on writing until you become better in writing without you knowing about it. The main communication method in blogging is writing, you keep on writing and writing until you have said all you want. Why this is important? This will surely help you in the future maybe with your presentations, or something work related or maybe if you are going to write a book.

But what are you going to write? Before even starting to write you should start noting down the topics you are going to write. Blogging will require some deep thinking or mind storming. Most of the people are scared to start blogging because of the fact that they don’t know what to talk about. They feel like they are not good at expressing themselves in a professional way. But blogging is not about being professional and following the rules, it’s about doing what you love. Write about something you love in your own words. Forget about the rules, break the rules and write about something you love.

2. You will meet new people

Who doesn’t like to meet new people from around the world? If you don’t, well then I really don’t know what to say. But one of the most important benefits in blogging is meeting new people. Maybe through emails, social media, comments or some other way. You will be surprised on how fast you can grow your connections through blogging. One beautiful thing about blogging is that the blogging community is inspiring and encouraging. They will always encourage you to keep writing even though sometimes you don’t feel like writing. They will always push you to succeed. Who doesn’t like to have some people like that in their lives?

3. You can inspire others

You can also inspire other people using your blog. Some say that they wish there was a way to change someones life or change the world, but there is a way. It’s called blogging. Not only you will change your life you can also help to change someone else life without forcing them to. You simply have to write about it and inspire them to in doing so. Blogging is about writing about something so important and handing it over to the world freely where everyone can read about it and get inspired. To me that’s one of the best feelings to change someones life just by writing.

4. Learning new things

Another important benefit on blogging is the fact that you can get new experiences and learn about new things. Imagine you are writing about a topic and suddenly you feel like you have written everything and the content is not enough. What are you going to do? You are simply going to research about it and get some fresh ideas out of a source right? You get the chance to see about your topic in new aspect. And of course you will learn about new stuff as well. That’s why blogging is so important. You will be able to increase your knowledge simply just by writing.

5. Create your own brand

At last but not least one of the most important reasons to start blogging is you will be able to build your own online brand or business by just blogging. This will help you to open up the door for new businesses, career opportunities, collaborations and many more. Of course you have make an earning from this as well. Don’t tell me you are not interested is making some money out of something you love to do. You just simply have to keep on writing on the topics that you like to build up your brand on. Show your followers why that matters and why it’s important and BOOM..!! you have got an audience for your brand.