Why We Are Friends With People Who Hurt Us?

After reading the heading, is there any particular person that came to your mind? That particular person who hurts you the most but you still can’t let go? Yeah, I know it’s hard and we are not going to talk about how to let go, we are going to focus on why we are not ready to let go, and why we can’t let go.

We all have this one person in our lives who made a whole new change and we wanted them to stay forever. We wanted them to be the person who changed us as long as they can. Or maybe you are in love with someone but that person tend to ignore the fact that you are in love with them, so whatever they do it hurts you. So why can’t we let them go? Why can’t we break the relationship we have with them?

It’s because that person is the only person you want to talk to, that person is your most favorite human being on this planet. That person is the person in your dreams, even the slightest gesture from them is a happiness to you. Even though how much they hurt you (intentionally or not) you will always be attached to them. Getting hurt is also a happiness for you because it’s happening because of that particular person in your life. You might tell yourself hundred times that you are going to leave this person, you might tell yourself that this is the last time I’m letting them hurt me, but still you are attached to them. You are helpless because you can’t let them go. Maybe they make you feel alive again and again, maybe you love them so much and that’s the main reason you are unable to let them go. No one can change that fact, it should come from yourself but if you are still attached to them in a strong manner don’t force yourself to break the relationship. Take your time and once you are 100% over that person then try to break free. But it’s all about your decision. Stay or Leave, you decide.