3 Reasons Why Instagram Is The Best

Nowadays social media is replacing traditional ways of communicating and keeping in touch with your loved ones, or even social media nowadays will also help you to build up your own brand. And let’s talk about why “Instagram” is the best among all the other social media platforms.

1. Instagram users are always active

This is one of the most important advantages in using instagram. Compared to other social media platforms instagram users are more active in commenting and reposting the content they are interested in. This will always help you to gain more followers also if you are running a business it will always help you to expand your brand among so many people. Also instagram users will always encourage content creators to keep creating. Instagram users spent hours and hours in this social media platform simply because they don’t see any other platform better than this.

2. Photos, Photos, and Videos

One reason users love instagram so much is because it’s all about the visuals. Think like this, if you had to choose from going through some eye pleasing images and reading a long article what will you choose? Surely going through the images right? That’s why instagram is so popular among teenagers because they are not much into reading nowadays (not everyone). Even with the implementation of stories in Instagram it has got more easier to share a persons day to day lifestyle. This mostly helps content creators as well as bloggers to keep their followers informed about new content. Or maybe it will also help you to keep stalking your crush (lmao). Either way visuals in this platform is one of the most important reasons why it’s so popular.

3. Hashtags

Of course we should talk about hashtags, why? Because that’s one of the main ways to attract more people to your brand or your content. True even twitter uses hashtags but as I said before this is a place where photos are videos only get shared, and imagine one of your photos has a view count of thousands. Super cool right? That’s where you are going to need hashtags. There’s even a limit of 30 hashtags per post, at least in 2017 it was like that not sure how the algorithm has changed so far. But however hashtags will always help you to reach new accounts with the amazing content you create.