Focus? On what? Where? This doesn’t make any sense..!! These are thoughts that roams in your mind after reading the topic itself. So what should you focus on? Your job? Your studies? On Friends? Well they are important to but there’s only one thing you should put your focus, and that’s on you.

Focus on you. Focus on how you can improve yourself, focus on how you can learn something new each day, focus on making yourself happy, focus on doing something you love or achieving something you always wanted to. Because why not? I know life is hard and it’s not that easy to focus only on yourself because you are probably going through something really hard right now, or not but don’t you think you deserve better than this? Better than what you are going through? You surely do. You have been caring about other people so much that you forgot to focus on yourself. Remember, you matter. You matter than anyone in this world. So try to focus on yourself more.

Focusing is not just looking at yourself from the mirror, it’s about making changes for yourself. It’s about having some time for yourself. It’s about exploring yourself and finding yourself. Take a few minutes, sit down get some coffee or something you like think for a second, are you happy for who you are? Have you achieved everything you wanted to do? Now make some decisions according to the answers you got in your head, that’s how you focus on yourself.