Life Is Confusing

Hey everyone,

I thought of writing this article because of some recent events happened in my life (this is not going to be a long article), and I was so confused in life. Like I literally had no idea on what to do or where my life is taking me. I was so lost like, I felt like I was standing in middle of a desert not knowing where to go. Maybe you are going through the same thing as well. Maybe you are confused as well, maybe life is getting harder for you. But you are not alone in this. True, life is confusing and sometimes you may even have problems in making decisions because you have been through a lot, but that’s is life. Life is not going to be something like in fairytales. It will always try to bring us down.

I’m also going through something similar during the time of writing this article (which is few days back, when you are reading). I’m in this situation where I had everything I ever needed but then suddenly things changed. And now again that particular factor is back in my life but in a different way. Imagine how confusing that could be. Imagine how lost you can be. It is hard. But that’s the beauty in it, you always have this hurdle to conquer. It’s not about giving up, it’s about learning something new each and everyday and it’s about learning how to conquer life. Trust me I know how hard it can be, but without these situations in life “WHAT IS LIFE?” Always tell yourself “I’m not born to give up, even though how confusing life would, I will always stand tall”.

So if you are going through something similar, take some time off from everything. Get yourself together, do something you love, hangout with people you love and cheer up yourself. You deserve better.