Stages Students Go Through While Getting Ready For Exams

So since you are reading this I suppose that you are student in a university, right? And you probably are a genius in all your subjects and you are getting out of the world marks for your exams right? HAHAHA…!!! I’m kidding. Maybe 1% of the people in your class might get that but the majority of us, we struggle everyday.

So here are six stages you go through while getting ready for the exam.

Stage I

The university/lecturer informs you about the exam date which is supposed to be held within two weeks of time. Suddenly you remember that you barely even went for lectures, you can’t remember what the lecturer taught (because like everyone of us you were doing something else lol) and now THIS..!! The frigging exams. You say to yourself, “I have all the lecture materials, so I don’t have any reason to worry about. I can do this, no biggie”. Well, GOOD LUCK..!!

Stage II

The very first days, the days you think “nah still got time, got two weeks entirely for myself to study” so you keep on enjoying your life. Going through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or even going out with friends, Life is good right? You know you have to work on your subject but come on, you got time. You got plenty of time for yourself. So keep on having fun.

Stage III

End of the first week and here you are feeling guilty that you didn’t do anything to prepare yourself for the coming exam. True it’s no biggie but then you could have at least prepared your lecture notes. So there you start doing that. Kinda going through whatever the lecturer taught you even though you have no simple idea “What the hell is this”, on your notes. You prepare them and well now what?? You still got time to study, and plus at least you did something today. So it’s time to give yourself some treat. That’s exactly what you are going to do. And you deserve it (I mean yeah right?)

Stage IV

The second week is already here, WHAT..!! “nah never mind, still got a whole week left” and you get back to your procrastinating, watching cat videos, instagramming (obviously), hanging out with friends. It’s a good week. Let’s go…!!!

Stage V

THE PANIC. You got two days left, and here you are wondering why your life is so hard, and blaming the education system and everything. You feel like you are lost, and you can see failing the subject, blame from parents, regrets because you didn’t start studying sooner and it goes and goes and goes…but still you are not doing what you are supposed to do. STUDYING…!!!

Stage VI

The night before the exam, you have been listening all those motivational videos, songs through out the day and you are ready as ever to beat the hell out of the paper. So here you are finally looking at your notes and trying to at least understand one single thing in there. You are pretty much messed up but then at least you can try to do something. Coffee is your only friend. The night of war.

Stage VI

You are finally out of the exam hall, it was well “messed up” but then you know you will at least pass the exam barely (PRAY, PRAY, PRAY..!!). It’s been a pretty hard two weeks and now what? It’s time to TREAT YOUR SELF. You did the best you can (literally the best) and it’s that time of the life again. Life is good again, and here you are happy little human.