The 20s

The 20s huh? The most weird, frustrating, sometimes good, time period of a person. When we were a kids we always wanted to go for our 20s. Like we were counting days until we got there. We were so excited to be in our 20s. We all had a time like that.
Until we got to our 20s. Then only way we understood that it is not this wonderland we hoped for, we dreamt of when we were kids. It’s not anything we expected. Some may even describe it as their worst time in their lives, some would say it’s their happiest but the reality is, it’s mixed up. It’s so mixed up, sometimes we don’t even understand what we are going through. Everyone is in high school or university, some are dropped out of school, some are already doing jobs, some of us are in relationships, some are going through heartbreaks, some are depressed, some are already married, some looking for jobs, our parents are getting old, we are getting old, society is getting worse day by day and here we are, the 20s generation in middle of all these situations trying to figure out who we are. To be honest Who are we? What are we supposed to do? Where do we belong?
We may not have answers for these confusing questions right now, or even for few years but we will get there. Having hope that “One day we will get there” is fine. It is called being human. Having hope is not a crime, so always hope that everything will be better. I know this is not easy, It will never be easy. But you were born to this world for some reason right? There should be a purpose right? You may not see it right now, but you will. Give yourself some time. Don’t stress it out. I’m saying this because even I’m in a position where I’m trying to figure myself out. I may have done or will still do mistakes but that doesn’t define me, what defines me what I’m going to do with all the lessons I learnt. So always believe in yourself and give yourself some peace. From all the people in this world, you deserve it. And if it’s something you deserve, then take it. Because there’s a long way for you to go, prepare yourself for the better days to come.