Am I Good Enough?

When everything falls around you, do you think you can survive? Do you think that you will be able to keep moving forward? You don’t know right? It’s okay to feel like that. If you are reading this you have probably gone through a very hard time in your life or you are still going through. First of I’m sorry for what you are going through. But still you are here, and that’s matters more than anything in this world.

Let me ask you, do you care about your friends? your family? you partner? Do they care about you in the same way you do. If yes, then I’m more than happy for you, but if it’s NO, then remember this “you are precious than all of those people that don’t care about you” you know why? because even though they don’t care about you, you care about them. That’s something not everyone can do. You literally kill yourself for the happiness of others but what do you get in return? Most probably nothing at all.

No one knows what you are going through, how rough it is inside your mind, how hurt you are, how damaged you are, how lost you are, no one knows. And what I’m saying is keep it to yourself, true you can open up to people but only if you trust them even with your life. But most of the time it doesn’t happen like that. You may open up, but then eventually they will leave you (even though they promised they won’t leave), but that’s the reality. No one is going to be in your life forever. You should be able to let go of the things that hurt you so much, I may say this as an easy thing to do but it’s not. Even i’m struggling in letting people/stuff go. It’s not easy, but then you can at least try.

I’m sorry that this writing doesn’t have an exact path, it’s like writing whatever that comes to my mind.