Atticus Poetry

Let me ask you this one question, have you heard about Atticus? I’m sure this is even the first time you are hearing about this person. Yep, Atticus is a person, an anonymous person with an awesome talent.

I’ve never been a much of a fan of poetry, until I came across a poem in Pinterest written by him, and then I found his Instagram account which was filled with poems of his own. From the first post onwards I was addicted to this guys words. He already has a 920,000 followers, which is a whole lot of followers. He is even conquering some celebrities in the Instagram game. Here’s a few examples of his work.

Did you read the above poems, was he able to take you to a whole another level just by those words. He always uses a few words to express a deeper meaning. It won’t take a whole lot of time from your life to read just one. And when you start reading you won’t be able to even stop reading. It’s that much addictive. His words heals so many souls, mostly people in the youth, who are depressed, self harming, anxious.

And the best thing is he has written two books including all these poems of his. It also includes some great photographs of his as well. One book named as “The Dark Between Stars” and the other as “Love Her Wild”. I have downloaded the eBooks myself and they have become my person favourite books so far. There’s so much about life, love, loss in between those few words he has used. Here’s a few more of his work.

To be honest, I never knew poetry could hold this much meaning and it could be beautiful as much as this. I’m eternally grateful for this guy for showing that there’s so much to look forward in poetry. If you haven’t even heard about him, I think it’s about time you go follow his Instagram because that’s where the magic happens. You can thank me later.

We often look to others for the love we can’t find in ourselves

– Atticus