DEAR SUGARS – Why This Podcast Is Worth Your Time

Most of us are addicted to books, right? We try to find the meaning of life or even advices from the books we read. So we can put together the broken pieces of our life. Sometimes when we can’t find the answers we are looking for we get frustrated. But there’s a way for that. A really good way. And it’s all about listening to these two people named as Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, and their podcast is called “Dear Sugars”. Let’s talk about how that podcast can help you to survive in your life using few of the best advices they have given in their podcast.

Before that here’s a little history about the show. This all started back in 2008 when the author started writing weekly advice column in THE RUMPUS. This was done anonymously by the author Steve Almond. Later on he handed this over to the Cheryl Strayed, and both of them started healing the broken souls. They always start their podcast by reading out a letter sent by an anonymous person around the world. And they start talking about their own stories while giving the best advices anyone could give.

Let’s start the best advices shall we?

Appreciate The Tiny Little Things:


One of the best advices given in this podcast is learning to appreciate the small things in life. In a generation of people who expects more than what they can have, we should really focus on enjoying the little things around us. Even though we don’t notice them instantly there’s a lot more you can appreciate around you. Maybe a morning coffee in your favourite coffee shop, or maybe a song you like, or maybe a gift given to you by someone you love the most. Maybe you might think that these are not much big of a deal but then these are the moments you can purely be happy about your life.

Learn To Say NO:

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Another great advice they have given is to “SAY NO” when you have to and when you want to. It’s about giving yourself priority. You are not someone who can do everything someone asks you to do. It’s about knowing your limit and working according to that. Have you ever tried saying NO? Sure, we all think that if we say NO we would hurt someones feelings and it would literally end the world. But it’s not going to end the world or something like that. You are human, you are only able to do a certain limit of work. Even though if someone is asking for your help you should be able to give yourself the importance say NO to whatever it is. It’s called self-respect.

Control The Inner You:

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We all have our inner voices shouting at us during the darkest times. But did you know that you control them? Did you know that you can silence them? Yes you can, and this is been spoken in a broad manner in “Dear Sugars” podcast. Once Strayed said “I become mindful when I feel jealous of somebody, and I have trained my mind to interfere with that thought…This is really about bringing to consciousness your feelings and telling some of those feelings that they’re invalid, and then turning them away.” So try to control and reject the negative feelings inside you.

Happily Ever After:

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A newly married couple once wanted to know if “Perfect Couple” concept actually existed? And here’s what Sugar wrote:

“A good place to start would be to let fall your notions about “perfect couples.” It’s really such an impossible thing to either perceive honestly in others or live up to when others believe it about us. It does nothing but box some people in and shut other people out and it ultimately makes just about everyone feel like shit. A perfect couple is a wholly private thing. No one but the two people in the perfect relationship know for certain whether they’re in one. Its only defining quality is that it’s composed of two people who feel perfectly right about sharing their lives with each other, even during the hard times.”


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We all have done things in the past that we are not proud of and sometimes we don’t know how to forgive ourselves. For that Sugar writes:

“Forgiveness doesn’t just sit there like a pretty boy in a bar. Forgiveness is the old fat guy you have to haul up the hill. You have to say I am forgiven again and again until it becomes the story you believe about yourself. Every last one of us has the capacity to do that, you included, Desperate. I hope you will.”