Governor’s Restaurant Mount Lavinia

During this weekend I got the chance to visit another buffet restaurants in Sri Lanka. This restaurant is maintained by a leading hotel in Sri Lanka named as “Mount Lavinia Hotel”. If you are Sri Lankan you would probably know what comes to the mind when someone says that name. It’s all about the food. Mount Lavinia Hotel has been able to keep their good name for years in regarding to the food they serve. So when I planned to go visit this particular restaurant I had no doubt about their quality food varieties. 

For this particular visit I thought of joining their dinner time. Usually their dinner hours are from 7pm to 10:30pm as I can remember. When I went their it wasn’t much crowded either. And since I made the reservations earlier there wasn’t much to do other than go and sit in your reserved place or maybe you could walk around different food corners. 


Every restaurant has got their unique collection of starters. It differs from one restaurant to another in a major way. And to tell the truth this restaurant has one of the best collections of starters around the city. From vegan food to meat food, from salads to seafood, that was one of the best starters I’ve ever experienced. I’m not going to explain a whole lot about their starters because I can do that by using just only two words, “Simply Awesome”.

Them Starters

Main Course:

So speaking about the main course, it consisted of many delicious corners. To be honest before I visited I thought they might have this one corner with international food and that’s it. Because most of the buffet restaurants does the same thing.

But to the surprise they had a great collection of food corners. From Italian to Sri Lanka, From Indian to Western and even a Vegan corner for those who crave for it. The real difference about this restaurant from other restaurant is the fact that they mainly focus on their seafood selection. Usually other restaurant mainly focus on one aspect of the seafood collection but for them it was like their main meat dish. Each and every food corner had their own selection of seafood dish. 

To summarize the main course, I would say the food was great, taste was great, the way they arranged the corners was great as well, it was easy to navigate through the corners without bumping into one another. And specially the ambience of the whole restaurant was on point. 


As you all know, desserts is one the main courses I will always look into in a restaurant. And to tell the truth this restaurant didn’t disappoint me in this regard. As I even said in the starters, the dessert collection was “SO GOOD”. To be honest I don’t even know how they even have such a variety because from all of that there was only one or two items that I have even knew by the name before. Everything else was new to me. 


I will start by saying it was one of the best days I ever had in my life. I went there with few of my friends and it was a great place to get together and have a good time. The service was great as well. And at a cost of Rs: 3100/= (LKR) I think it was worth for the price.  

And that’s us

If you are in the area I suggest you to take some time off for yourself and visit this amazing restaurant. And don’t forget to take some of your friends or family with you. It’s all about having a good time for yourself. 

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” 

― J.R.R. Tolkien