A day out to Hikka Tranz

During the last weekend to have a getaway from the busy work life we planned to visit the southern province of Sri Lanka. Why we chose the southern province? Well, because the beach will always make your mind peaceful and there’s no better place than a beach destination. 

So we started the journey around 6 in the morning, we planned to go by the train because it’s more fun that riding in your own vehicles. The journey was one amazing time we had. It was one of the best times in our lives. After a journey of around 3 hours or so we finally reached the hotel, where we have planned to spend the day.

The welcoming part was done really nicely by the hotel, even though there was a small miscommunication for the special cake order we placed, where we had to celebrate a birthday of a person who went with us. Anyways we were able to finalize matter within a matter of seconds. The day out package included the welcome drink, using the pool, lunch and evening tea which is totally worth for a price of Rs: 3500/=

Let’s get to the main topic which is “The Food”.


To tell the truth the buffet starters were on point. The collection was so good and they even had arranged it in a stunning manner. The starters even included a variety of mini drinks such as star-fruit, tomatoes etc. The starters they have made will satisfy any foodie. 

I don’t think I would have to use my words to express the quality of food because the images speaks for that. My favourite part was drinks which included with the starters where we had more than (even thought it’s supposed to be only one per person).

Main Course:

I wouldn’t say there was anything wrong with the main course as well. Even though they could have improved the varieties they had for the buffet, it was still a pretty good buffet I got to experience. As always the meat varieties was good, to be honest they were 100% good. But they could have a made slight improvements to their menu. To tell the truth not everyone is looking forward to have a vegan main course as their lunch, so they could have improved the buffet menu a little bit. 


Alright so since we are done with the starters and the main course as well, I think it’s time to get into the most important question in every meal. And that is “How was the desserts?”. Well this time it wasn’t the best. I was expecting more for their desserts, but then to tell the truth they weren’t able to meet the expectations of a foodie. 

They could have done a better job to improve their desserts collection. It was pretty much basic collection for a leading hotel in the southern province. The best desserts I ever had was in “Mount Lavinia Hotel” but “Hikka Tranz” couldn’t meet the quality of the collection of desserts as in “Mount Lavinia Hotel”. But I’m pretty sure if they give it a try they could improve it in a much better way. 


Since we are done with the food I thought talking a little bit about the hotel and it’s environment. Since the hotel is situated near a beach it was pretty much crowded with foreigners as well as locals. But still the environment was so good to have a little bit of fun time with your friends, because there was so much to explore. And the POOL! One of the best pools in a hotel. Loved it so much. And the customer service was so good as well. They helped us a lot to arrange the little surprise for our friend for her birthday. 

If you are planning to go out with your friends for the weekend, don’t forget to try them out. They have a good package for day outs. By the time you visit them let’s hope they change their menu a little bit.