JINGLES 2018 – What really happened?

“JINGLES” an event done by the Rotaract Clubs of Colombo East and CFPS Law School. An event which everyone was looking forward to, because last year it was a huge success. Everything was perfect. The christmasy vibe was on point, and the people were decent, organizing was perfect and to be honest it was one of the best evenings we all had. That’s why many were looking forward for this years event as well. And even that’s why we went there as well. Hoping for the same event like last year.

Since it was supposed to be starting at 3:00pm we went there around 3:30 in the evening so we can get the full experience. But at the time we went there, they were still preparing the location for the event. They were still preparing the decorations, the entrance, lightings etc. It was okay because when such an event is organized things like that happen, so until they prepare everything we were roaming around Racecourse, which was totally fine with us. As I can remember the event really started around 5:00 in the evening. The first thing we noticed when we entered the place was, there was something off with the stalls. There was a huge difference from last years to this year in regarding the stalls, maybe there were less stalls this year or IDK. For me there were only two or three stalls that really caught my attention, and even the food they offered was really good. And I’m so thankful for those stall volunteers for putting up their stalls because we really enjoyed the evening thanks to them as well.

Gladly they included some games and challenges this year, and many people were participating in those games as well. There were games such as Hoop Shoot, Bungee Run, Wack a mole etc. Also there was this Pizza and Kottu challenge included as well. In the pizza challenge what the contestant had to do was eat a whole large pizza within 10 minutes of time, but in the middle of the game it changed to 5 minutes of time. It was interesting to watch as well. Not sure when the kottu challenge started but the games and challenges was one good thing about this event this year.

Last year they had an open mic session included as well, which was so simple and it was so great as well. It was something everyone enjoyed. Even this year they included the same thing, but with some upgrades. Last time it was under a huge tree where people were surrounding the area and the performer was in the middle. This time they included a huge stage, which was okay with us because it gave us a feeling that it was going to be a good evening. But I really like the setup they had last year than this year, I’m pretty sure the performers were so good though. But not sure what really happened with the sounds and everything but what I’m saying is they could have focused on simplicity, which would have made the open mic session much better.

And to make the evening worse a brawl broke out within the crowd near the stage. Which made the other people pretty much uneasy. It happened few times and I was hoping for the committee to take some action. I’m not sure if they did or not because when that happened we pretty much left the place.

To tell the truth the lightings were great, during the evening we pretty much saw the christmasy vibe around the place and it was one of the best things about this event, the christmas decorations was on point. I’m not saying the event was bad, it was good but there are some areas they can improve. I’m pretty sure the organizers must have worked so hard in doing such a thing. And personally I’m so thankful for them for working so hard to give a pleasant evening to the crowd. But if they had focused more on the simplicity like last year it could have been much better. I don’t know if other people would agree with me or not, but this is what I felt and what I saw.