The Triangle Hotel, Anuradhapura

This time I’m going to feature a budget hotel in the city of Anuradhapura. Even though I’m saying it’s a budget hotel it has got everything a regular hotel might have, minus the pool.

As a family tradition we visit Anuradhapura every December of a year. We usually stayed at the BOC hotel on previous years but this time since they made the whole hotel reservation thing complicated we were looking for a different place to stay. And that’s how we came across this wonderful place. This hotel is managed by a family of three and few other workers. I’m pretty impressed with what they have built around them. Even though there was a small misunderstanding about the reservation we made, the service was pretty good. There was a parking area as well, which was barely enough for 6-7 vehicles at-most.

We arrived at the place on Saturday afternoon, we asked them to prepare lunch before we left Colombo. So we straightaway joined their lunch. The dining area was an outdoor area and to tell the truth they’ve got a very good scenery. Because there’s a lake nearby to the hotel as well, which makes everything better. The food was all local, which was fine with us because they looked delicious. It was simple but it was satisfying. That’s what we need to see in our food right? Satisfaction. And to be honest I would rate the food 9/10, because they deserve it.

The lunch we had

And let’s talk about the rooms, well it was pretty much okay for the price. We made the reservation for a family room which costed us around nearly 6000/= per night. And the room was complete. I mean everything we might need was there. That was a relief for us as well, they have even got free wifi so yeah that’s something we all want to have. The only downside was there was no elevator to climb to the third floor (where our room was), we had to use staircase all the time. But that’s okay for us, not sure how others would tolerate it.

At the end of the day, we only spent around 9000/= (LKR) for one night and for three meals for four family members. I would say that’s pretty much fair and square. If you’re around the city of Anuradhapura, you must check this place out. It’s just few kilometers away from the main city, easy access for all the religious destinations as well.