Almost a love story

We have all been there. Where you may ask? The place where we almost got it. There can be a lot of almost situations in your life but the most hardest, cruelest almost would be the “Almost Love”. There’s nothing heartbreaking than almost having what you wanted in your whole life.

Meeting that one special person, maybe in a coffee shop early in the morning while you are having your favourite coffee, or maybe in a concert where your favourite band is performing, or maybe by social media or whatever it is when you meet that person, you just know, that it’s them who’s going to give you so much memories. Even though you know that this is going to ruin you, you will still let it happen. Why? Because, you just can’t let them go just like that. Instantly you are obsessed with them, and you are thinking about them all the time. Every song you listens to is suddenly about them, every quote you read is about them. “CAN IT BE MORE BEAUTIFUL?”

But with the time you know that, there’s going to be a time where you will have to leave them or they will leave you. It doesn’t matter how much perfect you two are together, it doesn’t matter how much memories you have with that special person, there’s going to be a time you are going to have to do the worst thing. There’s a saying “you can’t always get what you want”. You will have to move on, and that’s the hardest thing you will ever do. That’s why it became a “Almost a Perfect Love Story”. Everything was perfect but there was this one reason you had to let go.

Why I wrote this:

There are so many perfect, good relationships in this world, around us. There’s no doubt about that, but also there are people who lost their loved ones, their perfect partners. There could be multiple reasons why that happened to them but we need to make them understand that they are not alone, they shouldn’t be ashamed or sad about what happened. So many people go through something like this in their life, at least a once, and it leads to depression, anxiety and many more mental illnesses as well. It’s perfectly okay to feel what you feel, because as a person who went through the same I must say it’s one of the most hardest things you will ever have to do.

Never loose hope