Arcadia Cafe and Restaurant

Recently thanks to “Ceylon Food Network” I was able to visit one of the trending restaurants in Colombo that goes by the name “Arcadia Cafe and Restaurant”. It’s a restaurant that is well known for its interior and food. And with this article I will try my best to explain the experience I had with them.


As told before this restaurant is well known for their ambience. When you enter the place first you are greeted with their pastry shop, and you have to walk further in to go to their restaurant area. And that’s where the magic begins. They have this environmental friendly, greenish, british kind of vibe in their restaurant which is the best part of the restaurant. Oh and you have to look up to see the beauty they have done with the lightings. That’s the first I have seen something like that, and I must say I like what they have done. With all those greenish interior you feel like you are having your meals in an outdoor area. The place was super clean, even though the restaurant is based beside the Marine Drive. They surely knows how to maintain a restaurant.


Let’s talk about what we all waited for, the FOOD. Was it good? It was amazing. Was I satisfied? I was amazed. Will I go there again? Definitely, without a doubt. I must say the food looked delicious and they even tasted delicious. The food looked so fresh and perfectly cooked. My favourite dish was the Honey Roasted Chicken, and trust me Oh Boy! I would eat that on any given day, I’m not even lying. Oh and those club sandwiches we tried, was so good as well. Everything is worth the price. When you check the menu you would understand that the pricing is so fair and square and you will always get what you see in the menu. Also they were kind enough to show us their pastry shop menu as well, which was pretty much amazing. The food was on point for a quick bite. If they could improve the images in their menu it would be a plus point for them, also it would help the customers to see what exactly they are getting. Other than that there’s nothing wrong with the food at that place.


The staff was so friendly, they were more than happy to welcome us into their restaurant. Even the MD and the Chef met us while we were doing the reviews. They made the place as comfortable as possible for us to continue with our work. They were also kind enough to answer the questions we had, which made the whole process much easier.


If you are around Colombo and if you want to have a wonderful time with your friends, family or even with your date you should probably check this place out. I suggest you to visit the place in the evening because then you would be able to get the full experience. I’m pretty sure you won’t get disappointed by this amazing restaurant. And I can say with assurance you are going to love the vibe you are going to get from this restaurant.