Love Your Parents

This time I’m going to write about something which is completely different. Of course it’s about love but this time it’s not about self love or couple love or anything else, it’s about loving your parents. Why this is important? Read more and you will find out.

Take a moment from whatever you are doing right now. Go to some place you feel comfortable and let your mind take you back to your childhood. Remember all those good days, where you roamed freely with your friends, through the forest, beach or even the city. Those silly little games we played when we were kids, brings back so many good memories right? Now what about your sweet parents? Remember them? The two people who was always there for you no matter what. The two souls that took care of you, loved you, protected you? I hope you remember them, I hope you are still in touch with them.

When we were kids we always craved for their love and attention, even a single second without them felt like years passing by. And why is that? Because we were so small, and we needed love and protection to grow. We didn’t have any experience so the best way to learn about the world was from your parents. So you always wanted them by your side no matter what. Even when your relatives ask you, whom you love the most you answer them with only one answer “BOTH”, simply because you didn’t want to hurt any of them. Because seeing them hurt is the most hardest thing for you. If they are happy, you are happy. That’s how it was. This is how it has been for so many people. But what changed?

When those kids start growing, and when they reach their teen-age they feel like they know everything. They feel that they have conquered everything, they have gone through everything, they have got the fullest experience and now they are ready to be independent. That’s when arguments occur between you and your parents. That’s when you start to forget your parents and what they have done for you, just because you are blinded by the society. When you grow up your parents do their best to keep you safe, sometimes you may see this as something to be annoyed about, but don’t you see that’s true love? You complain that no ones loves you, no one likes you, no one cares about you when there are two souls right beside you, silently loving you and caring for you. But do you see that? No, because you want the world to love you. You are not satisfied with the people around you, so you keep searching for new people to love you. Sometimes it can be good, and sometimes it will be the biggest mistake you do. I’m not saying everyone of you are like that but if you see around you there are certain people who disrespect their parents, people who are always annoyed by their parents. You might at least know one person who’s like this. Do you think his/her parents deserve the way they treat them? I don’t think so.

So why care about them so much? Remember your childhood, the way they cared about you and made you happy. Did they ever ask you to repay for what they have done for you? Did they ever make a fuss for spending so much time and money for you? Your dad worked day and night to bring happiness home so you can have a comfortable life. You mom did the magic at home so you won’t have to do a single thing at home. They gave their life for you, but here we got some people who get annoyed just because their parents asked them where they are. If you are a person like that, I strongly suggest you to ask from yourself, is it right what you are doing to your parents, what did they did do to deserve some harsh comments from their own children. Was they too good to you? Is that it?

Always remember, you are walking on this earth because of your parents. Always keep that in your mind, and whoever you become in the future always respect and care for your parents. They won’t live forever, one day they will leave and don’t regret anything when that day arrives. If you are in your 20s the reality is your parents are getting old and that’s the most worst thing you have to experience in your life. It breaks you into pieces when you see that your parents are getting old. Don’t be late to show them that you truly care for them and you truly loves them. Because a time will come where you will understand that they were the only people who cared about you truly. Not the fake world out there.

Sending love to all the people who lost their parents. They know the real value of parents.