What Is Trust?

Trust is something we humans always crave for. We think that whoever that comes to us and talk nicely can be trusted. We think that whoever that comes and gives us a helping hand can be trusted. We think that whoever that calls us a friend can be trusted. That’s where we are wrong. Because even though they might help us with so many things doesn’t mean they will have a good motive towards us. Doesn’t mean we know them to the core. So then why are we still trusting people with all our heart? Why are we still risking ourselves for people we don’t even know who they really are. WHY?

Because that’s a basic human need. We humans need the attention, care from our own kind. So what we do is we trust whoever that treats us good so that we can fill a void in ourselves. We hopelessly expect them to be good to us and be honest with us. We hope they will be loyal to us through the good and the tough times. That’s a risk we are taking to temporarily fill an empty space in ourselves. And this we eventually take us somewhere we doesn’t want to be. And then we regret the fact that we trusted that person in the first place. But then it’s too late. There’s no turning back, the ship has already sailed. And we are in the deep sea drowning without any way to survive. Is that what we want to do to ourselves?

So what can we do about this? Should we not trust people? Should we stay isolated where we won’t meet people so that we don’t have to trust anyone. No these are not solutions. We can’t isolate ourselves, that will surely make things worse. So what exactly can we do? Well, there’s one thing we can do. And that’s understanding about our environment, around us. Imagine you met a person, and what you should do immediately is to understand the person, give it some time and try to know everything about that person. Judge all you want, because it’s you who are going to risk everything. Understand what that person craves for, understand what that person has gone through in their lives, even the smallest actions do speak a lot. Focus on these and build up an imaginary character of this person. That will help you to make everything clearer. When you are satisfied with what you have learnt about that person it’s time you make the decision. Still it’s a risk but the possibility of a worse scenario is limited.

The one thing that we should understand is that trust always comes with a risk, there’s no easy paths towards it. When we trust someone we are always taking a risk. So we should always be prepared for the risk rather than complaining about it when everything goes sideways. We should always prepare ourselves for the worse case scenario. That’s how we win life.